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Updated and Effective November 16, 2017

We are concerned about privacy issues and want you to befamiliar with how we collect, use and disclose PersonalInformation (as defined below). This Privacy Policy describes ourpractices in connection with privacy and the Personal Informationthat we collect through this website (, the relatedmobile sites and mobile application(s), and selected other domains(collectively, the "Sites"). Except as indicated below, thisPrivacy Policy does not address the collection, use or disclosureof information by us or by third parties on any websites otherthan the Sites. As used in this Agreement, "NOSHSQUAD," "we,""us," and "our" shall mean Garrett Ventures, LLC.

By accessing and/or using the Sites, you agree to all theterms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agreeto all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, do not usethe Sites. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time andwithout prior notice, except that if we make a material change, wewill notify you prior to the effective date of the change. Changesto this Privacy Policy will be effective as soon as they areposted, unless a later Effective Date is provided. By continuingto access and/or use the Sites after the Effective Date of arevised Privacy Policy, you agree to be bound by the revisedPrivacy Policy. For clarity, if you do not agree to the new termsof the Privacy Policy, do not continue using the Sites. The mostcurrent version of this policy will always be posted on the Sites.

1.What Types of Information Do We and Our Third PartyService Providers Collect From You?

Personal Information is information suchas your name, tied to a postal address, telephone number, emailaddress, and date of birth, or other data that, when takentogether, can uniquely identify you. Personal Information alsoincludes certain sensitive information related to your financesor, for business accounts, related to the finances of youremployer, such as a credit card number or other payment accountnumber (including the three (3) or four (4) digit validation codefor your credit card). In order for you to take advantage of theservices provided through the Sites, we may require that youfurnish Personal Information or, for business accounts, that youremployer furnish Personal Information for you. We and our thirdparty service providers collect your Personal Information when youvoluntarily provide it to us or, for business accounts, when youremployer provides it to us.

Non-PersonalInformation (or"Non-PII") isaggregated information, demographic information and any otherinformation that does not uniquely identify you. We and our thirdparty service providers may collect your Non-Personal Information,including information about the device you are using in accessingand/or using the Sites, information from referring websites, andyour interaction with the Sites. We and our third party serviceproviders may also aggregate Personal Information in a manner suchthat the end-product does not uniquely identify you or any otheruser of the Sites, for example, by using Personal Information tocalculate the percentage of our users who have a particulartelephone area code. This collective information constitutesNon-Personal Information.

Cookies and OtherTechnology Acookie is a small piece of data that is sent by NOSHSQUAD to yourInternet browser and stored on your computer's hard drive, andthat delivers information about you and your activity on theSites. Pixel tags and web beacons are small graphic files that canfunction in various ways (such as allowing us to track how youview an email that we send you, and track your activity on theSites) and are commonly used in conjunction with cookies. We, ourthird party service providers and other third parties detailedbelow under "How Do We and Our Third Party Service Providers UseInformation Collected From You?" may use cookies, pixel tags, webbeacons, and other similar technologies to better serve you withmore tailored information and to facilitate your ongoing use ofthe Sites. If you do not want information collected through theuse of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers thatallows you to decline the use of cookies.

How Do We Respond toDo Not Track Signals Somebrowsers allow you to indicate that you would not like your onlineactivities tracked, using “Do Not Track” indicators; however weare not obligated to respond to these indicators, and we are notcurrently set up to respond to them. This means that we may uselatent information about your online activities to improve youruse of our Sites consistent with this policy.

IP Addresses are theInternet Protocol addresses of the computers that you are using. Your IP Address isautomatically assigned to the computer that you are using by yourInternet Service Provider (ISP) and is identified and loggedautomatically in our server log files whenever you visit theSites, along with the time(s) of your visit(s) and the page(s) ofthe Sites that you visited. Collecting IP Addresses is standardpractice on the Internet and is done automatically by manywebsites.

Location Information. We may obtaininformation about your physical location, such as by use of GPSand other geolocation features in your device, or by inferencefrom other information we collect. For example, your IP Addressindicates the general geographic region from which you areconnecting to the Internet.

2.How Do We and Our Third Party Service Providers UseInformation Collected From You?

Personal Information. We and our thirdparty service providers may use your Personal Information and anythird party’s Personal Information that you may provide, asapplicable:

Non-PersonalInformation. Becauseyour Non-Personal Information does not personally identify you, weand our third party service providers may use such information forany purpose. For example, we may work with third parties for thepurpose of advertisement delivery on the Sites, including onlinebehavioral advertising (“OBA”) and multi-site advertising. TheNon-Personal Information collected about your visits to the Sitesmay be used by third parties in order to provide advertisementsabout goods and services of interest to you. These third partiesmay also set cookies or web beacons to assist with advertisementdelivery services. If you would like to obtain more informationabout these practices, or if you would like to opt out of targetedadvertising from participating advertisers, please visit or

In addition, we reserve the right to share yourNon-Personal Information with our affiliates and with other thirdparties, for any purpose. In some instances, we and our thirdparty service providers may combine Non-Personal Information withPersonal Information. If we do combine any Non-PersonalInformation with Personal Information, the combined informationwill be treated by us as Personal Information hereunder (as longas it is so combined).

3.How Do We and Our Third Party Service Providers ShareYour Personal Information With Others?

We and our third party service providers may disclosePersonal Information:

4.Other Important Notices Regarding Our Privacy Practices.

Forums and Profiles. We and our thirdparty service providers may make available through the Sitescertain services (for example, message boards, chat functionality,"profile pages" and blogs) to which you may be able to postinformation and materials. Please note that any information youprovide in connection with such services may become public, andmay be available to visitors to the Sites and to the generalpublic, including without limitation the ratings and reviews thataccompany many restaurant listings and the comments section of ourblog posts. We urge you to exercise discretion and caution whendeciding to disclose your Personal Information, and/or any otherinformation and/or materials, on the Sites. NEITHER WE, NOR ANY OFOUR THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS, NOR ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITYDULY AUTHORIZED BY US AND/OR BY OUR THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS,IS OR SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY USE BY ANY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONOR ENTITY OF ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION YOU DISCLOSE THROUGH THESITES.

Third Party Sites. Except as expresslyset forth herein, this Privacy Policy does not address, andneither we nor our third party service providers are responsiblefor, the privacy, information or other practices of other websitesand/or any third parties, including without limitation any of ouraffiliates and/or any third party operating any site to which theSites contains a link. The inclusion of a link to a third partywebsite on the Sites does not imply endorsement of the linked siteby us or by our affiliates. Please note that your access and/oruse of any third party websites, including by providing anyinformation, materials and/or other content to such sites, isentirely at your own risk.

Security. We and our thirdparty service providers use reasonable organizational, technicaland administrative measures to protect Personal Information underour control. However, no data transmission over the Internet ordata storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Please donot send us credit card information and/or other sensitiveinformation through email. If you have reason to believe that yourinteraction with us is not secure (for example, if you feel thatthe security of any account you might have with us has beencompromised), you must immediately notify us of the problem bycontacting us in accordance with the "Contacting Us" sectionbelow.

Unsubscribe. If you do not wish toreceive marketing-related emails from us, you may unsubscribe fromreceiving them by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottomof any of those emails.

Changing PersonalInformation. Youmay review, correct and/or update certain elements of yourPersonal Information by adjusting your preferences in the "MyAccount" section of We and our third party serviceproviders are not responsible for altering Personal Informationfrom the databases and/or other records of third parties with whomwe and our third party service providers have shared your PersonalInformation.

Retention Period. We and our thirdparty service providers will retain Personal Information for theperiod reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined inthis Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is requiredor permitted by law.

Note Regarding the Useof the Site by Children. Under nocircumstances are the Sites directed to and/or intended for use byindividuals under the age of thirteen (13). Such individuals areprohibited from using the Sites and should not provide PersonalInformation through the Sites.

Disclaimer. If you choose toaccess the Sites, you do so at your own risk, and are responsiblefor complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Wemay limit the availability of the Sites, in whole or in part, toany person, geographic area and/or jurisdiction we choose, at anytime and in our sole discretion. By using the Sites and submittingany Personal Information, you consent to the transfer of PersonalInformation to other countries, which may provide a differentlevel of data security than your country of residence provides.

California PrivacyRights. Ifyou are a user of the Sites and a California resident,California’s “Shine the Light” law (California Civil Code §1798.83) permits you to request and obtain from us once a year,free of charge, information regarding our disclosure of yourPersonal Information (if any) to third parties for directmarketing purposes. If this law applies to you and you would liketo make such a request, please submit your request in writing tothe address provided below.

Contacting Us. If you have anyquestions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us byemail at

Please note that email communications will not necessarilybe secure; accordingly you should not include credit cardinformation and/or other sensitive personal information in youremail correspondence with us.