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Why are some of your menu prices different that the restaurant?
Some restaurant partners pay for our fee for you and others do not. Fees vary based on a number of factors and they are calculated to cover our operating costs to provide our delivery services.

Why did I get asked to call in to verify my order?
You simply would not believe what we see! From pranks to accidental orders by kids. We just want to make sure that we know you are serious about placing your order and we can verify that you actually placed the order. You should only have to verify your order one time. Once we have delivered to you successfully, your orders will automatically approve and head to the restaurant.

Why don't you have certain restaurants?
We partner with as many restaurants as possible! If you know of one that you would like, tell them about us! We use several partnership and affiliations to source restaurants: 1) we partner locally with restaurant owners, 2) we partner with national and regional chains, and 3) we partner with large online ordering services to offer final leg delivery for our service areas. Not all restaurants listed on our website are contracted with us directly.

Who is actually delivering my food?
[NOSH]Squad Drivers are independent contractors, paid directly by 
[NOSH]Squad.  They receive 100% of all of their tips. We fully vet our drivers including background checks, drug screens, insurance verification, sex offender checks, and MVR records.