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We know change can be...well, different. But it can also be for the better! And in this case, delicious. Everything created for our new look was inspired by feedback from diners like you, and we can't wait for you to take a look.

But first! You probably have some questions. Let us answer them here, so you can just keep on chewing.

How does it work?

Enter your address to find some of your favorite local restaurants available for delivery. Select items you'd like to have delivered and enter any special instructions (if applicable). Pay with cash, or credit, then kick back and relax; we've got it from here. Your friendly local food runner will be knocking on your door before you know it!

Did my order go through?

If you recieved an email confirmation you're all set! If not, just chat in or give us a quick call and we can help.

Can I change my order after it's placed?

Sometimes. If we can reach the restaurant before they have started making it, we might be able to adjust the order. Sooner we know, the better the chances.

How much does it cost to use the service?

Standard delivery fee is between $3.99 and $4.99 with a nominal processing fee.

Is your site secure? How can I be sure?

You bet it is! All credit cards are processed through Blue Pay.

How long does delivery usually take?

Most deliveries happen within 45-60 minutes, though when stars align, we have had drivers arrive in under 20! Even on busy nights, when kitchens are overloaded and traffic lousy, we still do our best to arrange delivery within 45 minutes to an hour.

How can I contact Mr. Delivery?

All contact information may be found via our "Contact Us" page. We also accept smoke signals, telepathy, and messages in bottles - response times may vary ;)

*Food prices found on this website, or any other Mr. Delivery forum, may be higher than those at the actual restaurant from which the food is being delivered*